Rates for the Academic Year 2023-2024

Payment Options: Annual Semi-Annual Monthly
Registered Parishioner Rate Total Tuition 1 payment Due July 2 payments

Due July & January

10 payments

Due July through April

1 child $5,928.00 $5,928.00 $2,964.00 $592.80
2 children $10,165.00 $10,165.00 $5,082.50 $1,016.50
3 children $13,487.00 $13,487.00 $6,743.50 $1,348.70
4 children $16,006.00 $16,006.00 $8,003.00 $1,600.60
5 children $19,427.00 $19,427.00 $9,713.50 $1,942.70
Non-Parishioner Rate
Per child $7,403.00 $7,403.00 $3,701.50 $740.30


A registered parishioner rate is given to families who actively participate in the parish’s ministerial activities, who regularly attend Mass, and who contribute to the parish (weekly/monthly) using the envelope system). Persons requesting the parishioner tuition rate should complete the online Active Parishioner Form. Contact the School of Saint Mary office for the Active Parishioner Form link.


All tuition is paid through FACTS. Enroll at


Fees for the 2022-2023 school year

  • $30 one-time pre-enrollment testing fee
  • $150 one-time new enrollment fee – paid upon admission
  • Home and School Fee – $50/family – in July
  • Book Fee – $85/student – in July
  • Technology Fee – $30/student – In September
  • Cafeteria Fee – parents are asked to work in the cafeteria 10 hours/semester. $15/hour is charged for hours not worked.
  • Recorder – $5.00 (5th grade) – at registration in August
  • Pizza Day – $5/Pizza Day, $35 for the year
  • Field Day – $6.00 for 2nd grade, $10.00 all other grades

A fee of $20 is assessed by FACTS for the One Payment and Semi-Annual Tuition Payment Options

A fee of $50 is assessed by FACTS for the Monthly Tuition Payment Option


The School of Saint Mary is committed to a need-based financial aid program that enables qualified students from all cultural, racial and socio-economic groups to attend Saint Mary. Financial aid is awarded on the basis of a family’s demonstrated financial need. The Saint Francis of Assisi Tuition Assistance Program is awarded to families that are active parishioners enrolled at the School of Saint Mary, Go for Catholic Schools and Veritas is awarded to all families based on need. Because many families apply for financial aid, the School of Saint Mary is not able to offer aid to all families, nor can it offer full demonstrated need.

If you are currently enrolled at the School of Saint Mary, you may use your FACTS Tuition account to apply for financial aid. If you are a family new to Saint Mary and do not have a FACTS Tuition account, you may apply for financial aid at: Only online applications will be accepted. After completing the online applications, you will need to mail or fax the supporting documentation. The tax information needed to verify your application is shown in the FGAA Checklist that is found online.

The deadline for the submission of financial aid requests is April 15.

We recognize that extenuating circumstances may arise after the priority deadline of April 15th. If such a need arises, please contact Fr. Stuart Crevcoure at 918-749-1423.