School of Saint Mary Admission Policy

There shall be no discrimination in enrollment practices on the basis of color, race, national or ethnic origin, sex or disability in our school. We are a religiously oriented school for the Catholic community, but also welcome members of other denominations.

Diocesan and school admission policies shall be promulgated in writing to all parents/guardians and parishioners and included in this handbook. Every effort will be made to serve children of supporting parishioners. Cooperation of parents/guardians with the church and school is an important criterion in approving the admission of the student.

To clarify the above statements:

  1. All students shall be admitted conditionally.
  2. No person shall be admitted as a student to the School of Saint Mary unless that child and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) subscribe to the school’s philosophy and agree to abide by the educational policies and regulations of the school and diocese.

Please refer to the following policy:

School of Saint Mary Admission

Suitability: In order to identify the needs of an applicant for admission by the School of Saint Mary, new applicants shall be assessed prior to acceptance for admission. The determination of acceptance for admission to the school shall be dependent upon the suitability of the school for the applicant/student, the applicant/student for the school, and the ability of the school to meet the needs of the applicant/student.

Admission Priority: Priority admission in the School of Saint Mary will be given to active Catholic families using the following criteria:

  1. Catholic families of contracted employees of the School or Church of Saint Mary
  2. Catholic siblings of current students at the School of Saint Mary
  3. Catholic families who are registered and active members of the Church of Saint Mary
  4. Non-Catholic students with siblings currently enrolled in the School of Saint Mary
  5. Catholic siblings of graduates (within the past 4 years) of the School of Saint Mary
  6. Catholic families who are registered in another Tulsa area parish
  7. Catholic families not registered in a parish
  8. Non-Catholic students

If a tiebreaker is needed, the date the family registered in their parish will be used.

Active Church of Saint Mary Parishioner: To qualify as an “Active Parishioner” and to qualify for the Active Parishioner tuition rate, an applicant’s Family (as defined below) will be considered based upon all of the following criteria:

  1. Registered at the Church of Saint Mary*
  2. Attendance at Mass at the Church of Saint Mary on a regular basis
  3. Financial support of the Parish, commensurate with one’s ability, through the consistent use of the envelope contribution system
  4. Active participation in parish and/or school activities
  5. Certification of parishioner status by the pastor of the Church of Saint Mary through the completion of the Active Parishioner Form located in the Admissions packet.

Other factors, including length of service as an Active Parishioner, may be applied to determine order of admission and to establish an Enrollment Waiting List of applicants who have applied and been reviewed for admission but who have not yet been admitted. Note: “Family” is defined as the student, his or her brothers and/or sisters and his or her parent(s)/guardian(s). For purposes of admission and tuition policies, the fact that grandparents and/or other relatives of the student are Active Parishioners will not qualify the student for the Active Parishioner tuition rate or admission status except in extraordinary circumstances and upon application to the pastor.

If an Active Parishioner Family with more than one school age child should apply for multi-level enrollment and space is not available for each child, then those children not admitted will be placed on the Enrollment Waiting List after the names of other Active Parishioners already on that list.

Other: Extenuating circumstances, as determined by the principal and pastor, may result in a variance of the foregoing policy.

*A family that moves to Tulsa from out of town or transfers their membership from another Catholic Church in Tulsa will receive the Active Parishioner tuition rate, provided a letter from their previous pastor verifies their attendance, financial support, and active participation at the former Church.

Active Parishioners from other Diocesan parishes: Parishioners at other Diocesan parishes will need to contact the principal for determination of tuition rate.

Revised 11/2022