Three Great Educators retire

Maureen Clements, Darlene Blake, and Karen Hoflich are retiring at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.


Maureen Clements

Principal of the School of Saint Mary for thirteen years, and principal at Cascia Hall and Holy Family, Ms. Clements can be proud of a forty-four year career.

Father Jack said about Ms. Clements, “Her whole professonal career as a teacher and administrator has been in Catholic Education. Her fidelity inspires me.”

Longtime School of Saint Mary teacher Susan Lang recalls, “I first met MC in the early 1990s when I began my teaching career. My years under her tutelage at Holy Family School were some of the best years of my life.

“She is special to me not only for the opportunities she gave me, but for supporting me during my conversion to Catholicism.”

Jessica Moosmiller expressed her gratitude, “We will be forever grateful for her willingness to pour into our children, teachers, and administrators her love for her community. Maureen believes in our children, guides through example, and lives through loving.”


Darlene Blake

A twenty-seven year career in Catholic Education is remarkable. Mrs. Blake’s twenty-seven years teaching two-year-olds is stunning.

Saint Mary Preschool Director Eileen Ames said of Mrs. Blake, “As a teacher of two-year-olds, she enjoyed her days sitting on the floor reading books, singing songs and playing games.

“She taught shapes, colors and nursery rhymes. Honestly it sounds like a fun way to spend your time and actually, it is. You may even think it sounds kind of easy and if that was all she did, it probably would have been easy but that wasn’t all she was doing. You see as a teacher of two-year-olds, Mrs. Blake was doing so much more.

“She comforted and held babies who were scared and missed mommy and daddy. She mended boo-boos and wiped away tears. She refereed arguments over whose turn it was and answered the unending questions of why and how come. She laughed and cried as she shared her students’ joys and sorrows.”


Karen Hoflich

Of the longtime first grade teacher, Ms. Clements said, “Karen Hoflich has devoted thirty-six years to educating the children of the School of Saint Mary. Her loving care has helped the children grow in their faith, in academics, and in caring for others.

The parish and school community are grateful to these three outstanding women. They shaped thousands of young minds and instilled a lifelong love of learning.