Third Grade

Third grade begins the entry into a standard classroom setting. Students have begun to work much more independently and are allowed to travel to their different classes by themselves. The students are now divided into two groups for both reading and math.


Language Arts

  • Read grade appropriate narrative and exposition texts
  • Reading comprehension using fiction and non-fiction works
  • Using a variety of texts, identify plot, conflict/resolution, theme and distinguish between fact and opinion
  • Identify synonyms, antonyms, homonyms and homophones
  • Learn the meaning of simple prefixes and suffixes
  • Grammar – nouns, nouns as subjects, plural and possessive nouns and proper and common nouns
  • Grammar – verbs, action verbs, helping verbs, past, present and future verb tenses, regular and irregular verbs and subject/verb agreement
  • Conjunctions
  • Sentence structure
  • Grammar, spelling and handwriting
  • Composition


  • Use appropriate mathematical vocabulary
  • Place value
  • Decimals and fractions
  • Rounding
  • Sum and difference of 2 whole numbers 0-1,000
  • Multiplication and division facts through 12
  • Word problems
  • Measurement and time
  • Graphs, charts and probability
  • Geometry- vocabulary, plane and solid geometric figures, symmetry and congruence


  • Scientific method
  • Energy, force, mechanical and kinetic energy
  • Simple machines
  • Adaptation increases and organism’s chances of survival
  • Life cycles, extinction, genes
  • Lunar cycle, Earth’s rotation and the solar system
  • Weather patterns and climate

Social Studies

  • Oklahoma studies – citizenship, economics, geography and history


  • Grow in understanding of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Mary is the Mother of the Church
  • The Church community includes the pope, clergy, religious, parish and families
  • The Bible
  • Liturgical Year
  • Sacraments
  • The Church continues Jesus’ ministries of community, Word, worship and service
  • Prayer
  • Reverence for life


  • Art
  • Music
  • P.E.
  • Library
  • Computer
  • Spanish

Special activities and celebrations

  • Grandmother Spider shares stories once monthly
  • Catholic Charities service projects
  • Adoration in the chapel
  • Trip to One Room School House
  • Land Run