Physical Education

The physical education program at the School of Saint Mary is designed to promote the overall health of each student and help each student achieve an understanding of a healthy life style, enabling them to be productive and active members of our society.

Physical education instruction time is as follows:

  • Kindergarten will meet  three days a week, 30-minute class period
  • First-Sixth will meet three days a week, 45-minute class period
  • Seventh-Eight meet two days a week, 45-minute class period

Grades K-2

  • Develop an awareness of their body’s place in a space
  • Master the eight loco-motor skills
  • Develop six performance skills
  • Develop fitness of students concentrating on flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and muscle endurance
  • Develop a positive attitude toward other people and work together to accomplish a goal
  • Introduce lead up games and rules to the lifetime sports of basketball, soccer, softball, track and volleyball

Grades 3-5

  • Fitness testing to determine weaknesses followed by incorporation of activities to improve identified weaknesses
  • Learn the five components of fitness – flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, body composition, muscle strength and endurance
  • Develop character through participation in a variety of sports and tournaments
  • Develop sportsmanship and fair play
  • Develop responsibility for one’s own actions and appropriate behavior in socializing with others
  • Allow student self expression of movement in space through dance games and other activities
  • Develop interest in life long fitness and health

Grades 6-8

  • Evaluate fitness levels through fitness testing
  • Develop individual fitness plans of action to improve current fitness levels
  • Understand how the body responds to exercise and other controllable forces
  • Develop skills in the lifelong sports of softball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer and dancing
  • Develop a strong and positive character through participation in a variety of sports tournaments
  • Develop teamwork and sportsmanship through tournaments
  • Develop resilience and determination in difficult environments and daunting tasks
  • Allow self expression of movement in space through dance, games and other activities

Special Events and Activities

  • Obstacle course in lower grades
    Diocesan Track Meet
    Various in-class tournaments