Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is a self contained classroom unit. There is one main teacher for social studies, science and religion. The students are split into two groups for math and reading/language arts and have the opportunity to participate in physical education, Spanish, art and music.


Language Arts

  • Students in fourth grade will continue to develop their reading skills by applying various reading strategies and skills.  They will read to gain information, to perform a task and for literary experience.
  • Students will continue their study of grammar and usage (pronouns, verbs, modifiers, prepositional phrases, connectors, types and structures of sentences, capitalization, punctuation and spelling).
  • Students will continue to develop their writing and handwriting skills


  • Students will continue their study of operations, numbers, relationships among numbers and terminology.
  • Students will represent and analyze mathematical situations and structures using expressions and equations.
  • Students will continue to explore the basics of geometric thinking.
  • Students will continue to explore the basics of measurement.
  • Students will grow in the use of appropriate statistical methods to interpret data.


  • Students in the fourth grade will discover that plants and animals rely on each other, as well as their environment, in order to meet their basic needs.  Students will be provided with opportunities to explore the interaction of plants and animals with their environment so they can develop concepts of ecosystems
  • Students will explore Earth’s basic structure in relationship to changes on the Earth’s surface.
  • Students will investigate how electricity and magnetism can be combined with simple machines to impact everyday life.

Social Studies

  • Fourth grade students will examine the physical, cultural, political, economic and the historic development of the United States including early European contact with Native Americans.  Students will use geographic tools to analyze the influence of the environment on the growth and development of all major regions of the United States.


  • Living the Christian Life – through the Ten Commandments that God offered as guidance to the Israelites and in the Beatitudes and the Law of Love.  Jesus taught his followers a way of life.

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  • Art
  • Music
  • P.E.
  • Library
  • Computer
  • Spanish

Special Activities and Celebrations

  • Adoration
  • Make a rosary