First Grade

In first grade, the students are very comfortable with the school routine and following directions. The day begins with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance and continues on with a center format. In centers, the children will work on reading, spelling, handwriting, phonics and listening. The afternoon includes social studies, science, Spanish, religion, phonics, P.E., art and music. Every Friday, the students attend an all school Mass and are paired up with seventh graders as their mentors. The first graders and seventh graders quickly form a bond and enjoy a special relationship throughout the year.


Language Arts

  • Correct sentences using proper capitalization, punctuation and word order
  • Apply phonics skills to decode words
  • Develop skills to comprehend text that is read, heard and viewed.
  • Learn basic spelling rules and alphabetize
  • Develop a command of standard English conventions appropriate for 1st grade, such as contractions, nouns, verbs and adjectives.
  • Practice handwriting
  • Vocabulary


  • Read, write, compare and order numbers to 120
  • Count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 100
  • Master basic addition and subtraction facts and add and subtract two digit numbers and find the sum of 3 digit numbers.
  • Count money
  • Identify fractional parts of a whole
  • Identify common geometric figures and classify them by common attributes
  • Identify and use various tools to measure.


  • Conduct investigations that lead to discovery of science concepts
  • Learn about forms of matter
  • Evaluate the different ways plants and animals meet their needs
  • Observe that the Earth is composed of land, air, and water

Social Studies

  • Learn that history tells the story of people, places and events of other times
  • Understand that cultural diversity exists in local and global communities
  • Apply basic geographic concepts
  • Describe the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
  • Identify the symbols and traditions associated with the United States
  • Understand basic economic concepts


  • Describe God as a Father, Creator and Provider
  • Learn how Jesus, the Son of God, takes care of people’s needs
  • Grow in understanding of the Holy Spirit, Mary, the sacraments and the saints
  • Identify the Bible as the written word of God
  • Learn to show concern for God’s creation
  • Understand that prayer is listening and talking to God


  • Art
  •  Music
  • P.E.
  • Library
  • Computer
  • Spanish

Special activities and celebrations

  • Special time with 7th grade buddies
  • Show and Tell
  • Grandmother Spider comes to tell stories
  • Adoration