Computer education is an integral part of the School of St. Mary curriculum and a vital part of the Library/Media Center. The program involves all students in grades K-8 and its goal is to provide training in technology that will encourage exploration, problem solving, inquiry, collaboration and media handling.


Grades K-2

  • Introduction to computer proficiency
  • Use instructional and simulations software
  • Define graphics and create an original piece of art with graphics software
  • Demonstrate responsible use of technology

Grades 3-5

  • Demonstrate basic computer proficiency
  • Memorize the keyboard and show keyboarding proficiency
  • Distinguish what a computer can and cannot do
  • Define text and graphics
  • Use a word processor and understand simple formatting and editing
  • Use instructional, presentation and simulation software

Grades 5-8

  • History of computers
  • Compare and contrast computer systems
  • Use word processing for classroom assignments
  • Design and create a simple database and a simple spreadsheet
  • Use desktop publishing and simulation software
  • Use multi tasking to create a multi media presentation
  • Understand Internet terms
  • Understand HTML and design a web page
  • Understand the basics of telecommunications
  • Demonstrate moderate computer proficiency
  • Demonstrate responsible use of technology systems

Special Projects

  • The media center will coordinate the use of technology and reference with special projects in the classroom