STEM: Science meets a Laser Show

Why is it important for me to review math facts with my child over the summer?

Teachers spend some time reviewing at the beginning of the year, but the quicker the class as a whole can get through the review, the sooner they can start learning new concepts. Students entering grades 2-5 need to review facts 5-10 minutes per day during the summer. Having math facts memorized and ready to go at the beginning of the school year will help your child apply the facts to more complicated math processes. When your child doesn’t have to Read More …

Ann Bloomfield is a STEM Innovator

The Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance and Flight Night look to recognize educators who demonstrate outstanding Leadership and Excellence in STEM education and find ways to impact their students. Ann is a nominee in the Elementary School Educator Category. We are beyond grateful to have Ann as an educator at the School of Saint Mary and want you to be involved in helping her receive this amazing award. Each applicant must demonstrate excellence in STEM education through curriculum development, student work Read More …

Students complete STEM project

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are disciplines that will help our Seventh Graders change the world. Fab Lab Tulsa visited the School of Saint Mary today. Students in Seventh Grade and Fourth Grade created etched acrylic art lit by a colored LED. Students created their design from elements found on the Internet. They used a 40 watt laser to etch acrylic sheets, then attached a colored LED and a small battery.

Students have fun while they learn at the 2018 Science Competition

Mr. Alan Bryan gave his students two challenges: throw a ping pong ball far, and build a strong bridge out of toothpicks. Some students used a simple, straightforward design while others used a less orthodox approach. How much weight can a toothpick bridge hold? Ellie put her bridge to the test. Mr. Bryan added pound after pound until it broke. Eighteen pounds! Good job, Ellie.