St. Mary FYI 12/18/2020


Please keep the school advised of any COVID-19 contacts or positive testing over the holiday as soon as you know by replying to this email or leaving a message at the school office.  It will help us make a plan for anyone who will need distance learning when we come back in January.

Continue to be vigilant as COVID-19 is widespread in the Tulsa community and will probably be that way well into the New Year. Your help is greatly appreciated and vital to keeping St. Mary open.  We really appreciate all the hard work that parents have done.

Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday and we will see you in January.

Updates/Information and Reminders:

  • Coats for Kids:  A big Thank You to everyone who donated to Levi Milosevich’s Coats for Kids Birthday Drive.  He collected 150 coats.
  • Preschool drop off before 8:10 am.  Please do not park in the very small parking lot by the gate before 8:10 am.  7:20 am – 8:10 am is drop off for the K-8 and we would hate to have an accident during that time – either by a student wandering into drop off traffic or a fender bender.  Preschool parents may park by the rectory and use the sidewalk to drop their student off before 8:10 am or wait until 8:10 and park in the small parking lot .  Thank you for going that extra mile to keep our students safe.
  • Kindergarten Applications are available for pick up on the school office.
  • Cafeteria News:  Cafeteria workers – click here to schedule your day to work in the cafeteria:  CAFETERIA SCHEDULING 
  • If you are interested in Kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year, please respond to this email.  Applications will be available for pick up on Monday, January 4th.
  • CLICK HERE for the 2021-2022 Preliminary Calendar.

In This FYI:

  • Page 1 – Calendar, Cafeteria Scheduling
  • Page 2 – Kindergarten 2021-2022, COVID-19 DYK, Kobonal Thank you

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