St. Mary FYI 09/19/2019

Picture day is this coming Monday, 9/23.  If you would like to order picture, please turn in your order form or order online before Monday morning.

POP-UP TENTS NEEDED FOR MARYFAIR PICNIC: If you have a pop-up canopy tent we could borrow during the Picnic, please contact Stephanie Peaster:

I just signed up for “2019 Mary Fair Picnic Volunteers” and you should too! Click here now:

In this FYI:

  • Page 1:  Calendar, Parent Volunteer Recording Link
  • Page 2:  MaryFair information
  • Page 3:  MaryFair Wine/Whiskey Pull, Choir, Comet KidFest
  • Page 4: St. Mary Talen Show Form
  • Page 5:  Junior Comet Hoops Form
  • Page 6:  Elementary Conference Schedule
  • Page 7:  Middle School Conference Schedule










St. Mary FYI 09/19/2019