School of Saint Mary FYI: September 3, 2021

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Notes from Mrs. Maricle

1. Leadership Tasks: This year, grades 3-8 each have a specific leadership task. The assigned tasks are listed below for your reference. 4th graders are assisting me with the prayer services this year. All prayer services will be streamed live through the Parent Facebook Page. Our first prayer service is this upcoming Wednesday at 8:15am.

3rd Grade: Weekly Building Recycling Collection

4th Grade: Prayer Service Leaders

5th Grade: End of the Day Office Deliveries

6th Grade: Safety Patrol and Flags

7th Grade: Advent and Lenten Leaders

8th Grade: Morning Announcements & Ushers at Mass

2. Substitutes: If you have any interest in serving as a sub in our building, please complete the form via the link below and I will schedule you for a phone interview. This is a paid position or can be used to fulfill service hours. Those interested must be 21 years of age or older and have at least 90 hours of post-secondary credit. Thanks!


COVID-19 Updates

Updates are in BOLD.Week of August 30th, 2021-

2 student positives.

15 students in quarantine due to close contact including the two positive cases. 10 of the quarantined students will return on Tuesday.

Volunteering: Last night I mentioned in the Back to School Talk that we really want to welcome back all our amazing volunteers. Father Jack and I visited a little more about this last night and believe we need to limit volunteers having student contact until the COVID numbers start trending down. We are committed to keeping our grade level cohorts with minimal level exposure to outside sources. The cafeteria, outdoor recess or non student contact activities such as copying for teachers or office tasks are great opportunities to take advantage of right now.

Note: We want families to be our partners in navigating school during a pandemic. If you have COVID comfort concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher. We are doing our very best to make accommodations as we can.