Saint Mary alums come back to teach Theology classes

Bishop Kelley High School seniors Hallie Cole and Isabella Desbarres are back at the School of Saint Mary.

They are teaching Theology class to Mrs. Bloomfield’s Second Graders in the first hour of the school day. Their work in the school is part of a class the girls are taking at Bishop Kelley and taught by parishioner Jane Bender.

Hallie and Isabella keep their class moving with a variety of activities to engage all their students’ learning styles. Our second graders learned about Saint Nicholas of Myrna through a brief biography, an art project, and a taste of candy.

Both girls have a good rapport with the students, having quickly learned their names. Mrs. Bloomfield and Mrs. Craig remain in the room and say they are delighted with the student teachers. When a student asked for more information about Saint Nicholas, Isabella and Hallie found an online storybook that gave the students more information.

Isabella attended Saint Mary Preschool and Monte Cassino before her high school career. Hallie is a graduate of the School of Saint Mary.



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  1. This is an awesome class and I have students at 5 of our Catholic grade schools and the teachers brag on all of them. I wish St. Mary’s would change their schedule back to more Religion classes at the beginning of the day because lots of my students write St. Mary’s as their first choice of schools to teach at for the Senior Catechists program at BK.

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