Katie Musshafen’s third place essay on Technology

School of Saint Mary eighth grader Katie Musshafen earned third place in a recent Bishop Kelley High School creative writing contest. Here is her entry.

How Technology Hinders Society

    According to the website TechCrunch, the addition of meditation apps available to the public has greatly expanded from 2014 to 2018 because people in today’s society are constantly focused on technology that they need to take a step back to focus on themselves. Technology hurts the bond between families and prevents people from spending time by themselves to relax and de-stress. It provides an unhealthy distraction to people that strains their relationship with others and their mental health.

    Technology greatly impacts family life because it provides an unecessary distraction and hinders families from growing close to one another. Family members often spend more time using technology than they spend fostering their relationship with one another. An example of this is a family going out to eat dinner at a restaurant. Many adults and children play on their phones instead of speaking to one another. Also, many parents choose to give their children a screen to look at instead of engaging them in the conversation. The consequence of not spending time with family is that people lose the desire to grow closer to one another.

    Technology also disrupts people’s personal time to relax because it presents people with an easy option to look at a screen and not think. This leaves no time to process and analyze the events that took part in that day. Because technology is prominent in everyday life, many individuals spend more time using technology than taking time to improve their state of mind. The increased rate of downloaded meditation apps shows that people are trying to find an option to cope with all the daily stresses of life. Having a designated time to spend alone allows people an opportunity to relax and interpret all the day’s events. Technology also influences the growth of a personal relationship with God in a negative way. Even the Pope addressed the issue of technology affecting society, last week. He is encouraging young Catholics to “Live [their] life offline.” to “Live life as it presents itself,” and to strive to be an active member of a community. People focus so much of their time on technology that they forget to participate in the simple joys life has to offer.  

Technology constantly bombards today’s world with distractions that negatively affects family relationships and time spent thinking. Technology hinders people from improving themselves and cultivating a healthy relationship with their family.