FYI Mailbag: September 17, 2021

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1. Grace and Understanding: This is a gentle reminder that we need to be following in our Heavenly Father’s footsteps in giving people grace and understanding during these difficult times with COVID. We field so many calls a day asking for guidance to ensure everyone is doing the right thing. Yes, COVID is real and scary, however, we also have students and staff suffering from seasonal allergies, head colds, pink eye, stomach bugs and various other ailments that could present as COVID. So much is unknown so we need to unite as a community to lift each other up each day and trust that each of us are doing their best for our school.

2. St Jude Week: The national event has gone virtual, however, we are planning a St Jude Week which includes an outdoor walk around campus at Saint Mary. Please see the flyers for the week’s activities attached. Socks and pajamas MUST be school appropriate and students must have appropriate dress for PE and recess. (*PS will be participating in the events at school but will have a different schedule that Mrs. Ames will send out)

Link to sign up for Guardians Against Cancer Team:

3. Parent Teacher Conferences: The K-5 Parent/Teacher schedule is attached to this FYI and the Middle School Conference Schedule is available for sign ups outside the health room until Wednesday, 9/22, at about 3:00.

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