FYI: August 20, 2021


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Notes from Mrs. Maricle

1. THANK YOU! These last two days have been a whirlwind of smiles and kind hearts. We are super excited to be back and ready for an amazing school year!

2. Carline Procedures: Thank you for your patience as we work through the start of school glitches while also navigating a lingering pandemic. Below are some important notes about drop-off and pick-up.

MORNING DROP-OFF: Our 6th graders are going to serve as Safety Patrol this year. Please follow the guidelines listed below.

When dropping off, please pull all the way forward to the first available cone. Safety patrol will open the door and assist your child out.
If your child is in a carseat, please have them ready to exit by unbuckling and being on the passenger side of the vehicle.
DO NOT pull around other cars unloading.
Please do not unload unless you are at a cone with a safety patrol student assisting.
If you are parking and walking up, please park by the rectory on the north end of the parking lot and walk along the breezeway by the church.

AFTERNOON PICK-UP: We are still working on the carline, especially with the changing needs of the church construction. Number one….please be patient.

If you are going to let your children play in the big field, you need to be inside the perimeter of the field watching them. It is a huge safety issue to have students running around that large of a field without proper supervision.
If you ONLY picking up a preschool child, you can park in the east end of the lot (small lot between the basketball goals) however you must be gone by 3:10pm.

3. Remind School App: Attached below are the directions for the Remind School App. This app will send text reminders about upcoming events, reminders for school and general school business. Due to the limits on accounts, I ask that only one family member signs up for the school remind. We will use the FACTS text alert system for weather related issues as it will go to all families. Remind is the service that you have to subscribe to in order to receive the texts.

4. Substitutes: If you have any interest in serving as a sub in our building, please complete the form via link below and I will schedule you for a phone interview. This is a paid position or can be used to fulfill service hours. Those interested must be 21 years of age or older and have at least 90 hours of post-secondary credit. Thanks!


5. Recess Amazon Wish List: Playground supplies are a premium item around a school especially during a pandemic. Below is our amazon wish list for the school year. If you want to donate, you can order via link below and the item will ship straight to the school. God Bless!