FYI: August 13, 2021

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Notes from Mrs. Maricle

1. Health and Wellness Plan: Attached is a letter from myself and Father Jack and the Health & Wellness Plan for the upcoming school year for K-8. I have also attached the policies and procedures for the preschool from Mrs. Ames. I hope you will take the weekend to read through everything and process all the information with an understanding heart. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]***As of 1pm today, Father Jack and I have been made aware of the COVID-19 situations at some of the locals schools and the OKC area public schools. We are in contact with the Diocese of Tulsa about next steps since our health and wellness plan is a fluid document.

2. Saint Mary Night at FC Tulsa : Thank you to all who supported this event! Below is a recap from Ryan Craft, Saint Mary Parent and Co-Owner of FC Tulsa.

100% FC Tulsa Season Ticket Fundraiser + St Mary FC Tulsa Group Night Recap:

Thanks to all who participated in the St. Mary FC Tulsa Group Night Fundraiser! We sold 124 group night tickets and 2 season tickets which raised $1,242 for the school! FC Tulsa is offering to grow this donation amount, with a goal of $20,000, by donating back 100% of any new 2021 season tickets and season suites purchased for the remaining 9 matches this year (August 25th – October 30th).

If you would like to purchase season tickets and have 100% donated back to St Mary you can purchase online using this link, email [email protected], or call 918-297-6808. For phone orders, press 1 for ticketing and mention the St. Mary season ticket donation match program. If you purchase online, please send a follow up email to [email protected] and mention the St. Mary Fundraiser.