FYI 12/20/2019


Winter weather will be coming and it’s time to talk about school closing and late start.  The School of St. Mary will determine the safety of the streets on the morning or evening of inclement weather.  Once a decision has been made, either to begin the school day at a later time or to cancel school, the School of St. Mary website ( will be updated with the information in the banner at the top of the page.

The School of St. Mary also has a calling system.

A recorded message announcing the closing or the time of the late start will be sent to your phone.  To ensure that you receive the call, please:

  • Set your answering machine to answer the phone within 4 rings.
  • Say hello.   The message will not begin until you say hello.
  • Wait for the message.  There will be a pause after you say hello, and then the message will begin.

We would like to remind parents and guardians to assess the conditions in their specific area and to use their best judgment regarding safe passage to and from school.

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Have a blessed Christmas.

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