FYI 03/06/2020

Good luck to our middle school basketball teams in the upcoming Oklahoma City Basketball Tournament!

OKC Basketball Tournament Information:  Friday, March 6th, Bishop Konderla will celebrate Mass with us at 9:00. He will then visit the classrooms.  We expect all students to be at school.  No one should leave for OKC until 11:00 or later.  PLEASE be sure you send an email or note to Mrs. Kimmel by Thursday, March 5th, stating what time you will sign out your child/children – please include all siblings who will be leaving early as well.  If you are taking other children, the parent must also send a note to the office giving your permission. 

If we do not hear from you, we will assume that a parent/guardian will pick up their middle school basketball player for the tournament at 11:00.  No student will be allowed to leave with anyone other than a parent/guardian without written permission from the parent/guardian.

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