Frog Class Preschool

Frog Class Preschool

The “Frog Class” students are busy getting ready for Kindergarten. Their growth and development is evident. To teach and promote self-discipline and a positive attitude towards learning, the classroom day is more equally divided between teacher directed and self-directed learning.

Activities such as show and tell are planned to promote and foster language opportunities in the classroom.  Daily jobs for each of the Frog students help develop social skills, such as cooperating, helping and negotiating. Four and five year olds are better able to classify, sort, and understand spatial relationships. Classroom math and science projects help the students to explore and learn. Art activities are offered and encouraged both to continue to develop fine motor skills and also to promote creativity. Music is offered both formally and informally in the Frog Class. Alphabet letter sounds and formal writing instruction is introduced.

Outdoor play continues to be an important part of the school day as Frog class students run, dig, climb, ride tricycles, and begin to learn to play organized games.

Children of this age are beginning to understand more fully the concept of God and His son, Jesus.   Stories from the Old and New Testament are read and discussed and simple Catholic doctrine is introduced. The teacher continues to be the strong link between the home, the school and the world.

Teacher  Eileen Ames                   Assistant  Vanessa Griffin