Fish Class Preschool

Fish Class Preschool

Three year old students at St. Mary attend the Fish Class. Fish class students are busy observing and imitating. They learn best by doing and are given many occasions in the classroom to create their own learning through exploration.

To help the students process abstract information such as colors, numbers, shapes and the alphabet, many of the learning opportunities involve touching, tasting, smelling, looking and hearing.

Students continue to develop skills assembling puzzles, using blocks, peg boards and other manipulatives. Large motor/muscle skills are getting stronger—the students enjoy being involved in music and movement in the classroom and playing outdoors on the playground. Many learn to pedal a tricycle.

Self-help skills are becoming more evident.  Under the caring direction of a teacher, students learn to take care of bathroom needs, eat lunch, and put on jackets mostly unaided.

Three year olds are beginning to be more aware of themselves and are beginning to notice differences in others.  Activities in the Fish classroom are designed to promote empathy and respect for the rights of others. The classroom teachers are strong models of love and compassion and help each student to feel loved and valued as a child of God.

Teachers:  Debbie Williams  and  Camille Denis