Faculty & Staff


Mrs. Lindsay Maricle, Principal

Mrs. Pat Kimmel, Secretary

Mrs. Shannon Mitchell, Health Room

Mrs. Eileen Ames, Preschool Director

Mrs. Leslie Bennett, After School Director

Mrs. Lorraine Ervin, 1st Teacher Aide

Mrs. Celeste Cole, 2nd  Teacher Aide

Mrs. Venus Tranthum, 3rd, 4th & 5th Teacher Aide

Homeroom Teachers

Mr. Brian Balaskovits (Kindergarten)

Mrs. Alicia Wagner (Kindergarten)

Mrs. Michelle Craig (1st grade)

Mrs. Ann Bloomfield (2nd grade)

Mrs. Erin Stoops (3rd grade)

Mrs. Kelly Armstrong (4th grade)

Mrs. Donna Luschen (5th grade)

Mrs. Loerke (5th and 6th grades  language arts and 6th math)

Mrs. Susan Lang (7th grade, 7th L.A., 6/7/8 social studies)

Mrs. Suzanne Nelson (8th grade, 7/8 math)


Mrs. Missy Bretz, Library

Mrs. Mary Long, Middle School Language Arts

Mr. Alan Bryan, Middle School Religion

Mrs. Julie Davis, Middle School Science and Stem

Mrs. Laura Duffy, 8th grade Language Arts

Mr. Kent Gilliam, P.E., Athletics

Ms. Janet Griffin, 3rd and 4th Reading, 6/7th Language Arts

Mrs. Cindy Howard, K-8 Art

Mr. ZaQue Hutchings, K-8th Music

Ms. Sarah Edwards, Technology

Mrs. Shawna Rocco, 3/4/5 Math, 1 Reading

Mrs. Margaret Acevedo, Spanish


Ms. Lisa Jones, Cafeteria Manager

Kim Dionisio, Cafeteria Assistant

Julia Huggins, Cafeteria Assistant