Ellie Rocco’s first place essay on medical technology

School of Saint Mary eighth grader Ellie Rocco earned first place in a recent Bishop Kelley High School creative writing contest. Here is her entry.

Sitting in St. Jude Children Research Hospital, after being diagnosed with cancer, a patient’s life will be changed forever. But because of technology, the medical field can not only provide better care, but patients are able communicate with family and friends during treatment.

Oncologists, doctors specializing in cancer, at Saint Jude are able to provide better care, find cures, and identify side effects more efficiently and accurately with technology. Medical scans such as computerized axial tomography (CAT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and X-ray would be impossible without technology. These scans help find injuries and side effects of steroids and chemotherapy treatments. Doctors and nurses are also able to keep track of medical records with the use of technology. This is done using a barcode and medical record number assigned to each patient. Once the barcode attached to a bracelet is scanned, it is sent into the computer to identify the patient. The record of the medication given is also entered to match with the patient making a quick and easy access to patient records. Some research would not be practicable without the use of both advanced and basic technology. St. Jude is capable of finding cures for various types of cancer through research and sharing these cures with the world through technology. Technology, in some ways, saves lives when in the hands of doctors, nurses, and researches who want to make a difference.

With Saint Jude Children Research Hospital being located in Memphis, Tennessee, many patients and their families are separated from friends and family members. Using technology, people are able to keep relationships strong using FaceTime, texting, and phone calls. These advances assist people in connecting with those close to them. This can help mental health as well as boost overall positivity. In the case of an oncology patient, education is made possible with this type of communication. When students can not attend classes, teachers are able to communicate with students using computers. There are programs, such as Hopecam, that allow students to call into classes and take online forms of courses. Technology assists in helping people stay in touch and continue on with their daily lives as much as possible.

Technology will continue to grow and assist people in many new ways. It does not just provide a myriad of frivolous amenities, but gives people the ability to complete tasks necessary for a good and healthy life. Because of technology, the patient sitting in St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will be able to be cured as well as communicate with loved ones.

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  1. What a great essay. She is telling like it is having a first hand experiencing it

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