Eighth Grade

In eighth grade, the students will move from classroom to classroom as their classes change and experience a variety of teachers and teaching styles. For language arts, the seventh and eighth graders of the same level are taught in the same class in order to accustom them to the mixed age classes in high school.

Eighth graders are paired with students in the second grade for Mass and special occasions. The eighth graders act as mentors to their second grade buddies and help them with their sacramental preparation.


Language Arts

  • Enhance vocabulary
  • Identify and use the eight parts of speech
  • Identify and write a variety of sentences: simple, compound and complex
  • Develop reading strategies in order to:
    • develop comprehension skills, form conclusions
    • predict outcomes
    • determine the author’s purpose, audience and subject
    • recognize and evaluate the elements of literature and the various stylistic devices
  • Develop reference skills
  • Write with clarity in a variety of forms (letters, poetry, review, essays and drama)
  • Write to a variety of audiences for different purposes using correct grammar and punctuation
  • Write stories, reports and research papers using correct grammar and punctuation
  • Use the writing process (prewriting, writing, editing, revising and publishing)
  • Develop creative thinking  and problem solving

Mathematics – students will either study 8th grade math or Algebra 1 based on the student’s ability

  • 8th grade math
    • Solve proportions
    • Work with percents greater than 100 or less than 1
    • Add/subtract/multiply/divide with integers
    • Simplify using order of operations
    • Find perimeter/area/volume/surface area of geometric shapes and solids
    • Solve fractional part problems and equations with variables on both sides
    • Solve equations with variables on both sides
  • Algebra I
    • Add/subtract/multiply/divide with integers and polynomials
    • Simplify using order operations
    • Solve equations with one and two variables
    • Factor expressions
    • Solve quadratic equations by factoring
    • Solve systems of equations
    • Graph linear equations
    • Study rational and radical expressions


  • Discover that elements have distinct properties and atomic structure
  • Determine how chemical bonds are formed during chemical reactions
  • Explore mechanical concepts
  • Determine ways in which energy is converted to other forms
  • Explore light and sound waves
  • Discover connections between electricity and magnetism

Social Studies

  • Explore U.S. history from 1607-1865
  • Analyze the foundations of the United States by examining causes, events and ideologies which led to the American Revolution.
  • Examine the foundations of the American nation laide during the Revolutionary Era through the contributions of significant individuals  and groups
  • Examine the formation of the American system of government after the Revolutionary War that lead to the creation of the US Constitution
  • Examine the political, economic, social and geographic transformation of the US during the mid-1800s
  • Analyze the social and political transformation of the US as a result of the American Civil War during the period of 1850-1865


  • Study Catholic morality and explore social issues
  • Examine the history of the Church and key Councils
  • Gain insights into the Creed
  • Explain how God reveals himself to his people
  • Recognize that Jesus reveals himself as a servant sent by and acting for the Father
  • Understand that Jesus is present in the Church through the Holy Spirit
  • Understand heaven as sharing God’s life fully
  • Explore world religions
  • Value the sacredness of life
  • Identify Christian service as a response to the needs of the community
  • Experience different forms of prayer


  • Art
  • Music
  • P.E.
  • Library
  • Computer
  • Spanish

Special Activities and Celebrations

  • 8th grade/2nd grade buddy activities
  • Ropes course
  • Ribbon Mass
  • End of year trip
  • Graduation ceremony