Bunny Class Preschool

Bunny Class Preschool

Students in the Bunny class are learning how to live as a separate person from those to who they are closest. Separation anxiety, which can be an issue until the students learn the routine of the day, quickly subsides as the students learn to trust the classroom teacher as one who will provide love and support away from home.

Bunny Class students are learning to play with a friend. The teacher is a model as to how to share and take turns at all times. Fine motor skills are developing. In this classroom, students have fun stringing beads, working puzzles and peg boards, painting at the easel, playing in the sensory table, and working at the art table with a teacher. Outside play allows students to practice running and pedaling a bike.

Formal and informal opportunities for music occur throughout the school day. Self-help skills such as putting on a jacket, eating with a spoon and fork, and learning to use the toilet are encouraged but never demanded.  Bunny class students still need to rest and learn to nap on a mat at preschool.

Communication is very important to the two year old. They enjoy listening to simple stories and have frequent opportunities for listening and speaking both informally during playtime and during short group times.

Teachers:  Brenda Prater      Darlene Blake       Beth Snapp