Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is a self contained classroom unit. There is one main teacher for social studies, science and religion. The students are split into two groups for math and reading/language arts and have the opportunity to participate in P.E., Spanish, art and music.


Language Arts

  • Enhance vocabulary
  • Develop reading comprehension skills through oral discussion, oral presentations, story analysis
  • Develop four elements of a story and create alternative endings to stories
  • Perform oral presentations
  • Develop reading comprehension and answer story questions
  • Identify and use four sentence types and build sentences with essential elements
  • Identify types of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections and investigate their uses
  • Compose original stories, poetry, friendly letters, book reports and invitations using correct punctuation and grammar
  • Use the process of leveling for paragraph construction
  • Practice reference skills and investigate different genres of literature


  • Add/subtract/multiply/divide fractions and decimals
  • Compare/simplify fractions and decimals
  • Write fractions as decimals and percents
  • Write decimals as fractions and percents
  • Use bar/line/pie graphs to show statistical data


  • Engage in investigations that lead to the discovery of science concepts
  • Determine that matter is made of elements and molecules
  • Determine that cells are the basic units of living matter
  • Determine that plants have different structures that enable them to survive
  • Discover how the systems of the human body help it operate
  • Describe how the sun heats the Earth unevenly, causing air movements, resulting in weather patterns
  • Observe that the solar system consists of planets and other bodies that orbit the Earth

Social Studies

  • Discover the early explorers
  • Compare and contrast the thirteen colonies
  • Explore U.S. history including the French and Indian War, events leading to the
  • Revolutionary War and the Revolutionary War
  • Examine colonial life and slavery
  • Examine Westward expansion
  • Determine the causes, effects and major battles of the Civil War
  • Demonstrate map skills and identify geographical features


  • Understand the nature and purpose of the seven sacraments and how God shares his love for us through the sacraments
  • Explore the symbolic words and actions used in the sacraments
  • Discuss elements of the Creed
  • Describe sin as a broken relationship with God
  • Recognize that Jesus heals others through us
  • Show respect and reverence for life
  • Experience different forms of prayer
  • Experience and participate in various devotions


  • Art
  • Music
  • P.E.
  • Library/Computer
  • Spanish

Special Activities and Celebrations

  • Colonial life presentation with costumes and food
  • Investigate simple machines using Legos
  • Vocation Awareness Day
  • Research early explorers to include costumes and oral presentations
  • Board games for book reports
  • Operation Aware